Scientists pinpoint Saturn with exquisite accuracy

Thursday, 15 January, 2015

The feat improves astronomers' knowledge of Saturn's orbit and benefits spacecraft navigation and basic physics research... read more



Study of Andromeda’s stellar disk indicates more violent history than Milky Way

Monday, 12 January, 2015

The study presents the velocity dispersion of young, intermediate-age, and old stars in the disk of Andromeda, the first such measurement in another galaxy... read more

Hubble's high-definition panoramic view of the Andromeda Galaxy

Thursday, 8 January, 2015

Never before have astronomers been able to see individual stars inside an external spiral galaxy over such a large contiguous area... read more


Hubble discovers that Milky Way core drives wind at 2 million mph

Wednesday, 7 January, 2015

The space telescope has measured the velocity, composition, and temperature of the expanding gas inside the galactic outflows known as the Fermi bubbles... read more


Star Gazing at Mushrif Park

Join us at Mushrif Park, Dubai on Saturday 3rd Jan, 2015 between 6 to 9 PM for a Star Gazing Event. We will be observing Moon, Jupiter along with constellations and star clusters. 

Entry to the event is FREE and open for all.

We will be playing Planetarium Shows of 30 Mins each @ AED 30/- Per Person. Book a show before 3rd Jan & get a DISCOUNT of AED 10 per show.

GPS Coordinates for Event Site in Mushrif Park: 25.2148116, 55.450199.

Eureka! Meteor in Auriga!

What you are looking at now is a meteor that we witnessed at the Geminids Meteor Shower at Qasr Al Sarab. All in all, we counted more than 150 meteors on Saturday, December 13! 

Geminids Meteor Shower 2014 at Qasr Al Sarab

Join us at Qasr Al Sarab for the Geminid Meteor Shower this year and witness this marvel of nature through your naked eyes! Dubai Astronomy Group will be hosting this event for two nights (December 12 and 13) from 9 PM - 3 AM. The event is FREE for all and families are welcome.


  • Before you leave for the event, mark the location on your GPS (with the coordinates provided on the banner) or take print outs of the location map via Google Maps.
  • We recommend that people drive out to Qasr Al Sarab while sunlight is still there. Sunset is around 5:30 PM. 
  • We suggest that you bring warm clothing, mats, blankets / sleeping bags and tents as it could get rather chilly at night.
  • You may bring food with you but alcohol of any kind is strictly prohibited on the premisis of the activity. 
  • If you have any queries, you can reach us at the number that has been listed on the banner but only BEFORE 6 PM on the event dates. As we will be caught up with the preparation, we will not be able to entertain phone calls after 6 PM.
  • We highly advise against any dune bashing in Liwa without professional assistance. 
We look forward to seeing you there with us!

Celebrate 43rd National Day with Dubai Astronomy Group!

Dubai Astronomy Group Participates in ADSF 2014 at Sharjah Al Majaz Water Front

Leonoids Meteor Shower at Mushrif Park

DAG Saturday Forum - November 8, 2014

Welcome to the Saturday Forum! You can view previous uploads here

2021: We are heading for Mars

We are grateful for the wonderful gift we have received this Ramadhan!  

Camelopardalids 2014

Join us to witness a potentially ‘once in a lifetime’ event.  Predictions suggest that a new meteor shower will be seen on the 24th May as Earth is expected to cross the debris trail left by comet 209P/Linear.  Based on professional forecasts this meteor shower could turn out to be a unique meteor storm … read more

Steps for an Arab Astronomy Renaissance – May 14 & 15, 2014

Dubai Astronomy Group in association with American University of Sharjah (AUS) and Nature Middle East will be presenting a special seminar entitled Steps for an Arab Astronomy Renaissance, on Wednesday, May 14, 2014.

With a focus on the dearth of astronomical observatories in the Arab world, the event will feature presentations by Mr. Hasan Ahmad Al Hariri (CEO of Dubai Astronomy Group), Prof. Nidhal Guessoum (AUS) and Mr. Mohammed Yahia (Nature Middle East) on recent projects revitalizing astronomy in the Arab world and the UAE’s national observatory project.


Ahlan wa Sahlan

New Value through Collaboration

Astronomy Group is the worldwide outreach arm of Dubai Astronomy Group. Our objective is to bring together, through an online environment, active astronomy clubs and societies. Our goal is to nurture a renewed sense of purpose, collaboration and cooperative development for the outreach of amateur astronomy and planetary science.  We welcome you and warmly invite you all to communicate directly with us.

Collaborate Now

Dubai Astronomy Group in association with Sharjah Museums Department is conducting an Astronomy Seminar about the Astrolabe on 7th & 8th of May, 2014 at Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization where you will get an exclusive chance to learn about the Astrolabe: The Computer Of The Ancients & get the Astronomy Insights in Islamic Heritage by Mr. Hasan Ahmad Al Hariri, CEO of Dubai Astronomy Group.

Limited Seating

Last Date to Register: 3rd May, 2014

For further information and registration contact us at

+971 4 4410775


Dubai Astronomy Group participates in ThinkScience Fair 2014

From April 20 – 22, Dubai Astronomy Group, in collaboration with ICT Fund and TRA, participated in ThinkScience Fair 2014 at the Dubai World Trade Centre. With the aim to promote astronomy among the young students of UAE, Dubai Astronomy Group presented its visitors with the project of Al Marsad, the national observatory of the UAE and the largest of its kind in the Middle East. Complementing the previsulization video of Al Marsad, was a paper model telescope which was hand crafted by one of the enthusiastic student members of DAG. But the highlight of the show was when DAG unveiled the Al Marsad model in augmented reality via an app that could be installed on any android device with a camera.

 ThinkScience Fair is the UAE‘s biggest science innovation showcase event for the budding innovators of UAE.  It also gives young innovators an opportunity to demonstrate their ideas and skills in application of ideas and technology. The program aims to motivate and inspire UAE youth to pursue their curiosity and passion and to investigate solutions that tackle real-world problems

Follow this link to the event gallery



DAG 2015 Calendar

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